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Life presents us with endless opportunities. Sometimes irresistible. Sometimes overwhelming. A perplexing array of decisions to be made. It is no wonder we often feel unbalanced. Usually I seek advice from someone close, and get more confused. And talk to another, and more and more confused. Ungrounded. Unsure. I momentarily forget and ignore that little voice deep within. That knowing. That trust. Intuition. Inner guidance. We all have it. We all have access to it. It’s there.. What I have learnt is that it’s important to remove the ‘bigness’ out of each decision. And not succumb too greatly to others’ thoughts and opinions. Strip it back to basics. How does it feel? Does it feel good? Or does it feel bad? Does it uplift you? Or does it deplete you?.. I SO appreciate the fact that when I make a decision that doesn’t serve me, my inner self alerts me. Alarm bells go off. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it’s profound. It just doesn’t feel good. The contrast is good. Sometimes you just need to sit with it. Be with it for a while. Then regroup.. Does it stimulate excitement? That beautiful feeling of elation. Exhilaration. Wonder. Awe. Because when it feels uplifting, mesmerizing, amazing, energizing, entrancing. When it ignites your bones and makes you feel deliciously magnetic..THAT is when you really know you are on to something..

Namaste, Ash xx ️

Be Selfish..


I was called ‘selfish’ the other day. And they were right. I really really really really really am. I choose to always put myself first. To please myself before anything or anyone else. I am my number one. That wasn’t always the case. I never really honored myself. Never thought myself worthy. Or deserving. And that is really really wrong. It creates a discord not only to your inner being, but to others around you. Limiting your greatness. Your souls burning passion to improve, learn and grow. In doing so, it may provide temporary satisfaction to that person or thing, but it is short lived. You are in fact limiting yourself AND them. And you simply cannot lead from behind.. I had to reestablish the foundation with myself first. Fall in love with me. That was the key. To recognize MY incredible, infinite worth, and know how much more I can give when I am feeling at my absolute best. And we need more of this. I need you. Your family and friends need you. The world needs you. Make you your number one. Be selfish.

– Namaste, Ash xx

Happy Friday


Anything can happen in just one day. We can gain momentum. We can collapse. We can fall in love. We can fall out of love. In positivity there is magic. In negativity there is nothing. I used to think harder work yields greater success. That the busier the better. That extra effort equates to better results. But if you are sacrificing yourself in the process, it works against you. It diminishes you. Disempowering you. Sometimes destroying you. When you don’t flow freely with something, it means you are holding onto some resistance. Stagnation. So why not, be gentle with yourself. Wake up and go with the flow. Take it eeeeasy, honey. And see what comes to you, what you accomplish and HOW AMAZING you feel! It’s not about what you do, it’s how you feel.

Namaste, Ash xx



Yoga Retreats in 2014



Hi everyone,

I am so excited to share with you my amazing new retreats on offer for 2014.

The details for the first one are below:

Any questions, please email

Blessings, Ash xx

Slowing down



Hello all,

I had a beautiful reminder this week about the importance of really slowing down and going with the flow. I know, especially come Monday morning, we can easily let that slip. Most of us have a hectic schedule, a stressful job, or a busy family to take care of. Or all of the above. Meetings, appointments, deadlines. But what if you could do less and get more done? Sounds ridiculous. Actually, its not.

Growing up, I took the perspective that being busy meant being more productive. The key to success is more, more, more. Over time, however, I eventually crashed. I quickly learnt that this super-ambitious attitude causes so much tension in the body, as well as an unsettled mind and inevitably a burnt-out life. I did not think that doing things the ‘easy way’ would get it done.

Yoga helped me identify this, yet, it is not the key. Still, I notice people around me, yoga students, teachers and the like,  so swept up in their thoughts, exuding stress, anxiety and tension. Some of us are so caught up in our ‘busy lives’ that we are just surviving, we forget to live.

Everything is a means to an end. A goal, a checklist, an action to complete. We are so stuck in thinking into the future about what needs to be done, that we are not present.

When we start to identify this, we begin to untangle old threads, which takes time. It does not take much effort to learn what we need to learn. We may not see the changes instantly.

We need to let ourselves learn, step by step, and it will get easier as we go along. So I encourage you to soften your selves this week. Take a nourishing deep breath in, and feel your body, right down to your fingertips and toes. Notice the silence surrounding you. It is there, you just need to shift your awareness to it. Then, perform each task you need to, with joy and ease.

Every day we have lots to do. That’s life. Choose to approach everything with ease, go with the flow, rather than against it. And see how you can actually struggle less and achieve more.

Ash xx

Why we don’t feel good enough

Hi beautiful souls,


This week my mind has been circling around the idea of self-worth and observing all that it entails. We live in interesting times where a lot of communication and interaction occurs over the internet. As such, it is easy to compare ourselves with others. When we are struggling or feeling less than perfect, one look at Facebook or Instagram can make us feel even worse! Especially when it seems everyone else is living a perfect, shiny, glossy life!

I became aware of this when I spoke to a close friend of mine just the other day, who told me she was feeling less than perfect. She had noticed the past few months she had really begun to doubt herself and her abilities. She had noticed those around her were seemingly flying high with success and achievements, and she felt boring and dull. As a result, she had cocooned herself away from the world, and resigned herself to the fact that her current reality was as good as it gets.

When we compare ourselves to others we lessen or own ability to shine. We forget about our own awesomeness and focus on what others are or have. We deflate ourselves as well as our own self-worth. We sabotage ourselves.

It is important to note that having a rough day is normal and happens to the best of us! And when this is happening, scrolling through a newsfeed on Facebook may not make you feel any better. It most likely will make you feel worse.

Rather than thinking about what she or he has or what they are achieving, why not think about what is feeding your mind and your heart? What inspires you, strengthens you, makes you feel at your absolute best?! You are unique, and there is no one nor will there ever be anyone like you! No one in the world that has the same memories, ideas, emotions, experiences, dreams, achievements or fears. And everyone’s definition of perfect is not the same as yours.

So recognise that we all struggle and endure days that we don’t feel so crash hot. We are all human. The power lies in your response. So choose to go out today and lift someone else up. It could be a hug, a text message, a smile. And in doing so, notice how it uplifts you! The more you give, the more you receive. Direct more loving energy into your own amazing self, and notice how the world starts to see it too!

– Ash Constance xx

My latest piece up on Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal:


I hope you enjoy.

Ash xx

Be YOUR number one priority

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been reminded lately, in more ways than one, that the most important thing we can do is always put ourselves first. Some people might call this selfish, but actually, it is selfless. If you are not looking after you, there is no way you can look after anyone else. And this applies to EVERYTHING: your health, career, and social life.

I often get told that I always seem so happy, always have a smile on my face. Well, that is because every day I get to do what I love. I get to practice yoga every day. I get to teach incredibly strong, focused yogi’s. I get to adjust people’s nervous systems. I could not imagine doing anything else, because this is where my heart is.

A friend of mine recently told me she decided to quit her job in finance and pursue her passion. She was scared but excited. She told me being surrounded by people like myself made her realize she was not happy in her current occupation, and we inspired her journey to actually live her passion.

3 ways to be YOUR number one priority:


  • Take a good look at your diary and see what is taking your time. What do you spend most of your time doing? Are you creating appointments that are sucking the energy out of you? Are you making yourself ‘busy’ for the sake of being ‘busy’? Organise and clear out what you don’t need.
  • Who do you spend most of your time with? Do your friends inspire you or deplete you? How do they make you feel? Choose to spend time with people that uplift you, instead of anyone who makes you feel anxious or no longer inspires you.
  • Create space for you. Find time to schedule in what makes you feel amazing. Are you in front of a computer all day, only to return home and do the same thing? Discover something that brings out your creativity, and what fuels you. It may be reading a good book, going for a walk in nature, or going to get a facial. Whatever it is, make sure you invest time in yourself. Allowing yourself to receive will increase your intuition, energy and ability to give to others!


Ash Constance xx

Why I love yoga..

No words, just action.

Blissful Bali

So, last month I was fortunate enough to be asked to travel to Bali to teach yoga and lead advanced classes. It coincided with a time that my best friend, Tully Louise, was spending time in Bali to work on her amazing brand, Tully Lou.

We stayed in the stunning Seminyak, in the most incredible resort and spa. I taught yoga at Jiwa Yoga and was taken-aback by the amazing strength and endurance of the regular yogi practitioners.

Bali is the most magnetic, magnificent healing space, and although I was immersed in teaching, I did enjoy some much-needed R&R. I was referred by a close friend of mine, to go and see a Theta Healer. This was an interesting experience for me, as I had yet to ever have seen any type of ‘healer’ or professional before.

Theta healing, for those who may be unaware, is a type of healing that works on empowering your life, energetically, by unblocking and clearing away limiting beliefs and experiences. Prior to seeing Tania, my Theta healer, I had absolutely no idea of what I was about to embark upon. After the session, I was left feeling light, lifted, and weightless. The next few days I felt a deep sense of love, ease, and profound gratitude. The most incredible thing was that I was able to separate, in my mind, my life from my ‘life situation.’ In other words, to remove the connection between WHO I AM and WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH/ my life story. For me, this was a profound realisation.

The next few days, were perpetual bliss. I was surrounded by nourishing organic food, positive sentient beings, and lots of sun. The photos below depict a memorable moment of Tully and I on the beach before dinner that evening. We were just playing around, taking photos on our iPhones for Instagram, when a Balinese man with a camera approached us.

This man’s name was Tio, he was a professional photographer, and wished to take some shots of us. Feeling inspired, we agreed as long as we had rights to the photos, and he kindly sent me the images. It was one of those ‘right place, right time’ kind of moments. We found ourselves in ANOTHER photo shoot, this time in studio with a man who has captured images for Vogue and the like. The photos for this shoot are yet to have been edited, yet, I will update you all as soon as I receive them!

-Ash xx




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